14 Brands Offering Free Stuff to Veterans in 2023 (2023)

One of the benefits of being a veteran is that you will get access to discounted and free goods and services for your sacrifice. However, you will still have to find them. There are many brands with freebies for veterans and while they can never fully say thank you, the gestures can still provide you with many opportunities to save.

Our list may not have itall, but we have many of the top brands with some of the most impressive deals for you, our hard-working vets. Throughout the year, freebies for veterans in 2023 can be found below!

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14 Brands That Offer Free Stuff For Veterans

Our list of freebies for veterans doesn't discriminate. You'll find that you can get free stuff for disabled veterans, new veterans, retired veterans, and any other type of veteran you are or know, thanks to the brands and services below.

1. VeteranRX

The name kind of gives it away, butVeteranRXoffers afreeprogram for veterans to get hefty discounts on prescription drugs. You'll be able to use this program for both generic and brand name drugs at over 35,000 pharmacies across the United States! For those times when your VA lets you down (again), VeteranRX can help you get the prescription coverage you need - no forms or enrollment required!

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2. Portraits of JCPennyj

If it's time for a new family portrait or you're just in the mood for some new photos of yourself, you're in luck withJCPenny Portrait. You can get afree8×10 standard print (regularly $19.99 each) and 50% off your photo purchase. If that's not enough, veterans can also enjoy it to the fullestfreeseat that also comes with $6.99 prints (regularly $19.99 each) and a digital album option for just $119.99 (regularly $169.99). Just bring your military ID and show it before you start your free stuff session!

3. Excess inventory

Join OverstockClub Oforfreeone year if you are a veteran or member of the military. When it comes to freebies for veterans, this membership can be one of the most valuable, especially for consistent customers. That's because Club O members get tons of exclusive benefits, like 5% rewards on every purchase, free returns, a price-match guarantee, and up to 40% rewards in the Club O Extra Rewards Store!

4. September 11 Memorial and Museum

TheSeptember 11 Memorial and Museumis an unmissable place, especially for members of the military and their families. Learn more about this dark and significant time in American historyfreewhen you present a valid military ID as an active member or retired veteran. They also have free admission on Mondays from 17:30 to 19:00!

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5. National Park Service

In our opinion, one of the absolute best freebies for veterans isfreeEntrance ticket for national parks. After all, you shouldn't have to pay to access a country you helped defend. TheNational Park Serviceoffers in fullfreetickets for veterans, and active and reserve soldiers. This pass gives you access to more than 2,000 beautiful parks across America.

6. Meet Tix

This is going to sound too good to be true, but trust us when we say that you don't want to ignore these cards that are completelyfreefor veterans.Meet Tixgives veterans tickets to all kinds of events, from concerts to sporting events to educational activities across the country. It's a great opportunity for families looking to make memories.

They operate on donations from ordinary people. Anyone can donate money or tickets to Vet Tix so they can provide veterans and military members with free opportunities to enjoy life outside of the armed forces. Free stuff for veterans doesn't get much better than this!

7. LinkedIn Premium

When transitioning from military to civilian life, it can be difficult to figure out what you want to do, let alone find a job in that field.LinkedInoffers veterans afreea one-year premium subscription that will make your job search easier.

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8. Netsonic

Netsonicis a veteran-owned company that specializes in cloud solutions, data center servers, and web hosting. Being owned by veterans, they believe deeply in giving back to make veterans' lives easier. That is why they offer all veterans, as well as active soldiersfreeweb hosting services. Although there is a $1 activation fee.

All other purchases you make with your military account through Netsonic are also eligible for the 15% discount.

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6 brands that offer free stuff for the military

Craving more free stuff? Military service is one of the best ways to get it! There are tons of brands, attractions, and services that offer free military benefits that you can take advantage of whenever you want.

9. GreenCare for troops (Project Evergreen)

GreenCare for the troopsis an excellent program for active duty military members at the rank of E-6 and below. They help deployed service members by offeringfreelawn care and landscaping services so you can come home to a nice, clean and well-kept yard when you get home from work. They also have a sister program, SnowCare for Troops, that offersfreesnow removal services for the same eligible service members.

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10. LEGOLAND Florida Resort and Water Park

If you're looking for a place where everything is great, look no further than Enjoyfreeticket to the world famous park known asLEGOLAND, upon presentation of a military ID card at the personal ticket counter.

There are some restrictions and you will have to get another dayfreeafter purchasing the first one, however, veterans and employees can still enjoy a day at the park and great discounts for special pricing. For more information, contact your local Information, Maps and Travel (ITT) office.

11. Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Active military members can enjoy itfreeadmission toMoMAin Manhattan as well as their dependents, as long as they all present a valid ID. This offer also falls into the category of freebies for disabled veterans, as visitors with disabilities can enjoy a significantly reduced price ($18) and any caregivers who come with you do not have to pay admission.

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12. UFC gyms

You have to somehow maintain your military body!UFC gymsoffers to military membersfree30-day access to any gym in their area. All you have to do is visit your local gym and mention “Harley Davidson Military Program”.

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13. Washington Post

Do you like to stay up to date with the latest important news? Well, lucky for you, freebies for veterans include a subscription to a prestigious newspaperThe Washington Post. Offer of military members afreesubscribing with a valid .gov or .mil email address online gives you access to exclusive content including some of the hottest and most interesting stories.

14. World of Coca-Cola

If you are an active, reserve or retired member of the Armed Forces, you can getfreeentrance to AtlantaThe world of Coca-Colamuseum by presenting a valid military ID at the ticket counter when you visit this time capsule of Americana. Few people know thatCoca-Cola was invented by a Civil War veteran.

As you can see, there are plenty of brands out there with free stuff for veterans this year, so you won't be missing out wherever you turn. We know it's never enough for the sacrifices you've made and continue to make for our country, but it's definitely a start on the road to thanking our great vets for their service.

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