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Professional security guards in Exeter

Exeter Security Company - Angleside - is a company that prides itself on having one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the security industry. Using modern equipment and a team of highly qualified guards, our services can be tailored to your specific needs.

Professional security across the UK for both individuals and corporate clients is our speciality. We offer bespoke security services to meet the specific needs of our clients, be it corporate security, residential security, special event security or flexible mobile patrols. Our goal is to protect you and your customers at all times.

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Reliable and licensed Exeter security company

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Exeter Security Company 24/7 security staff | Angleside UK (1)

Why should you choose Angleside in Exeter?

Angleside is one of Exeter's leading security companies. We offer security services in various areas, e.g. in retail, construction, events and corporate security. Our security forces are well trained, insured and have a lot of experience in manned security. We attach great importance to their professional approach and demeanor in order to provide customers with quality service. Apart from manned security, we offer fully vetted door attendants for businesses across Exeter. All locations are supported by our 24 hour control room and GPRS technology. In addition to mobile support, we can also help with checkpoints, bodycams and social checks.

Our breadth of experience and extensive expertise makes Angleside a one stop shop for security services. We strive to provide the best services and always meet our customers' expectations. That is why we are ready to support you and your company with a tailor-made offer. Your safety is our top priority.

7 advantages with Angleside Security

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✔ - Fully vetted and professional security guards
✔ - 24/7 protection backed by our 24-hour GPRS technology
✔ - First class customer service
✔ – Tailored and personalized solutions
✔ – Service transparency and cost-effective pricing
✔ – Wide range of security services
✔ – Site coverage from corporate buildings to construction sites

A security company that can do everything?

From personal security guards to manned guards, event security to site security, at Angleside we strive to offer the best value for money in Exeter.

Security Services in Exeter

Exeter security personnel

As one of Exeter's leading security companies, our SIA licensed security guards and officers are trained to the highest standards and offer a comprehensive portfolio of services. Our security staff is experienced, presentable, professional and offers a 100% customer centric approach.

Our guards

retail security

Ever thought about protecting your Exeter retail store? With years of experience providing security solutions to high-end retailers, our security guards are trained to detect theft and security threats. Our uniformed staff acts both as a deterrent against thieves and as an assurance of security for shoppers and visitors.

retail security

event security

Here at Angleside we offer event security services across Exeter. No matter what event you are organizing, whether for a large music festival or a small community event, we can ensure that our event security guards provide your team and all event guests with the highest level of protection to ensure the event runs smoothly.

event security

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Manned guard

Need a manned station in Exeter? A guard at your site will watch for strange and abnormal activity or people and be the first to detect a fire or other industrial emergency. They are also your eyes and ears for any incident or activity that may lead to a potential safety hazard.

Manned guard

corporate security

We provide corporate security services in Exeter for a wide range of commercial properties and businesses including office buildings, corporate headquarters, shopping centers and factories. We provide the required protection and security services and ensure that the daily activities of your company run smoothly and without interruption.

corporate security

Concierge security

Our concierge security guards are SIA licensed as standard with the highest level of training in both customer service and the safe protection of property, people and assets. They offer the complete solution for your concierge security needs and present themselves in a professional and friendly manner to all visitors who enter your website.

Concierge security

site safety

Construction sites are a popular target for criminals trying to steal machines or destroy tools. In addition, construction sites are often visited by homeless people. Our security company ensures your website is secure 24/7, with our security officers acting as a highly visible deterrent to potential intruders.

construction safety

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Mobile patrols

Our mobile patrols can provide security operating from more than one fixed location. If there is cause for concern, we can react quickly and decisively within minutes and adapt to a variety of tasks. Our guards can patrol at specific times or randomly, whatever is required to ensure your assets are safe.

Mobile patrols

Security guard dogs

Dogs are one of the best deterrents available to the home security industry. Working in conjunction with our licensed security guards, our security dogs act as an extra pair of eyes and ears at your location. Their quick reactions, incredible senses, and loud bark can serve as both an early warning and deterrent to potential intruders.

security key holding

Ever been out of town and needed someone to keep an eye on your house? Key storage could be the solution for you. Key storage is a service that allows someone else to hold your keys so they can keep an eye on your belongings while you're away. We take this service to the next level by being able to respond to a burglar alarm and help within minutes.

security key holding

CCTV & security surveillance

Are you sure that your property is fully protected from crime and vandalism? If not, consider installing a CCTV or security camera system. Our team can provide a bespoke solution to suit your specific needs and budget. With 24/7 surveillance, you can rest assured that your safety is our top priority.

residential security

With over 20 years experience providing premium residential security services across the UK, Angleside is the preferred contractor for all aspects of residential security. Our home security solutions are tailored to your needs and include manned guarding, mobile security patrols and CCTV services. We can also guard vacant properties during your absence.

Rresidential security


Locations and sectors we cover

We offer a wide and comprehensive range of security services and agency solutions for all types of needs. We can provide security services for the following site locations:

• Construction sites & buildings
• Retail stores and shopping malls
• Concert arenas, clubs and pubs
• Company offices and buildings
• Residential buildings
• High-end boutiques
• Locations
• Manufacturing facilities
• Manufacturing facilities
• Bulk storage houses
• Training centers
• Test facilities
• Vacant properties

If you need a security company with highly qualified security personnel, we are here to support you. Our security guards ensure your business, employees and property are safe and secure.

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Exeter Security Company 24/7 security staff | Angleside UK (3)
Exeter Security Company 24/7 security staff | Angleside UK (4)

Exeter Security - Customer First Approach

Angleside is an established security company with a reputation for providing effective and cost effective staffing solutions to our clients across Exeter.

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We always work closely with our clients to ensure the services we offer specifically address identified security issues. Our solutions are tailored to address these issues in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

If you need a reliable private security company that understands the impact our operations have on your corporate image, then Angleside is the security company for you. We have many years of testimonials and feedback from satisfied customers to back up our claims. We act with integrity and honesty at all times.

Contact ustoday for a free initial consultation and full security audit. Your safety is our guarantee.


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